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notes on the vocabulary of performatism -raoul eshelman

Raoul Eshelman interviewed by M K Harikumar
Raoul Eshelman Notes on the Vocabulary of Performatism

A person’s sensibility is unimportant to performatism. Sensibility assumes a special psychological state, a “mental or emotional responsiveness toward something” (American Heritage Dictionary). In performatism, this sort of psychological sensitivity is not needed because performatist literature, art, movies etc. use very crude formal means to force their audiences to believe in something. Performatist works are structured so that they affect everyone, not just a person with a special sensibility.

The existential outsider is a figure dating from the late 1940s and ’50s. This person has been so alienated by the traumatic events of WWII that he (or, of course, she) creates an authentic realm of his own that appears foreign and strange to everyone else—Camus’s enigmatic hero in the The Stranger is typical. The philosopher Emanuel Levinas, also writing in the 1950s, defines the in…

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ബഷീറിന്റെ ചെറുകഥകൾ 101 പഠനങ്ങൾ.
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Nichlas Bourriaud Interviewed by m k harikumar

Ultimately, I would say that relational aesthetics is a plea for the extension of the human realm, in a world which is de-humanizing itself at high speed.:Nicolas Bourriaud
1] ''But we should not be mistaken, there's no medium which is more interesting by itself than another one. By our time, an artist who belongs completely to his/her time can draw pictures with ballpoint pens, while another one using the Internet will produce an old thought. Fortunately, what constitutes the show here is not the medium…''
please explain.

[ I corrected this passage in my own words, which makes it clearer ]

It is not by using such or such tool or medium that you are contemporary. And by « contemporary » (like in « contemporary art »), I mean an art which corresponds and answers to its time. An artist is contemporary to the production system he/she is living in. And this production system is irrigating every possible medium, contemporary or not : painting, even if it is a…

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