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martha rosler interviewd by m k harikumar

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MKH: 1] Culture is the commodity that sells all the others— can you evaluate the range of this sentence in the contemporary world of art or literature?
MR: This remark was made by the French Situationists back in the mid-1960s. I cited it this past year in an article and lecture I put together about the role of culture in the new urban planning around the globe. The intent behind my doing so was to point out that the general reason advanced in the effort to persuade publics and political constituencies of the rightness of some proposed action or measure has to do with preserving or enhancing some element of values or cultural goods even when naked economic self-interest is at stake.

2]Is there any significance to meta narratives or Historical meanings?
MR: Anyone who proclaims the disappearance of meta-narratives or of historical meanings is merely making some sort of polemical point. To call attention to, or to tease out, metanarratives is to point to the more ab…